Mark Trinity, LLC, was founded by Dr. Caitlin Dillon, a teacher and linguist,

to put the research and theory of literacy development into practice.


"Dr. Caitlin" currently provides reading, spelling, and writing instruction for students ages 5 to adult, and their classroom or homeschool teachers, aides, tutors, professors, and volunteer/community instructors.  The high demand for services has led her to focus on training teachers and tutors, and providing them with materials, as a way of reaching as many students as possible.  Her passion is to bring what's known in the research world about reading instruction to teachers and students.


Background in Theory and Research

  • B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in English from Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI, in 1998
  • M.Phil. in Linguistics from Cambridge University in 1999 under Dr. April MacMahon
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics from Indiana University in 2006 under Dr. Kenneth de Jong
  • Pre-doctoral Fellowship in the Department of Psychological Science's Speech Research Laboratory under Dr. David Pisoni.
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship at Haskins Labs in New Haven, CT
  • Literacy Mentor in K-2nd-grade classrooms in Hartford, CT in the Haskins Literacy Initiative, which led to Dr. Caitlin's interest in the brain and reading and to the founding of Literacy How by Dr. Margie Gillis


Background in Teaching

  • Connecticut State Department of Education Teaching Certificate, Middle Grades Language Arts
  • 7th-Grade English Language Arts teacher: East Hartford, CT and New Haven, CT
  • 6th-8th Grade English Language Arts teacher: Lansing, MI and East Lansing, MI
  • Volunteer tutor and professional tutor for elementary, middle, and high school students in reading before school, during lunch and planning periods, and after school
  • Literacy Instructor, Coach, and Consultant for schools in mid-Michigan, providing instruction for students, training classroom teachers and special education teachers, assessing and training teachers to assess, and establishing systems for identifying and helping struggling readers


Dr. Caitlin Recalls How Word Revelation Began

"I heard the principal ask if I would show some fellow teachers the strategies I was using to help middle-schoolers improve their reading (and spelling and writing) skills... but Professional Development time was not available.  So over time, weekly visits to a few classes began, and teachers watched the activities I did with their students so that they could carry them on after I left.  As change became apparent and word spread, I was eventually asked to visit kindergarten through high school classrooms.  For each visit, I brought an engaging, strategic, effective, naturally-differentiated activity for the students, for the two-fold purpose of improving each student's literacy and analytical skills while providing the teacher with knowledge to apply in the classroom beyond the time of the activity.  As new teachers joined the schools I was visiting, the need to catch them up led me to gather the activities into the system that has become Word Revelation.

Soon after I had collected all of the activities into a Word Revelation kit, I had the excitement of being asked by a friend to give a workshop for some homeschool teachers and a college student who wanted to provide reading tutoring for children.  After making each participant a kit, I prepared the brief theoretical bits I thought would be useful for them to learn and internalize.  That workshop led to another, and another, and so this work has continued in homes and various educational environments as teachers and students have experienced the success and joy of developing genuine, lasting literacy skills while completing Word Revelation.  Regardless of the students' ages and abilities, I hope that ultimately this instruction helps bring them fulfillment as they navigate our literacy-dependent world and carry out their missions, whatever they may be.  It is a great privilege to have this work as my mission!"