Workshops and Instructional Materials

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The heart of our instructional approach is a set of 35 activities called Word Revelation, designed for teachers to use with any students, from about age 7 to adult.  These activities can be used to help struggling readers establish new habits that will contribute to skilled word recognition, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and writing.  Word Revelation activities can also be used to teach students to read initially if they already have some alphabet knowledge.

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For teachers of pre-readers, LOGOS workshops help teachers provide their students with foundational literacy knowledge and skills, such as letter recognition, phoneme awareness, and the alphabetic principle.  LOGOS provides optional preparation students to go into Word Revelation activities.

For teachers of students who have completed Word Revelation (or are fluent readers), Dive to Rise provides teachers with activities and simple frameworks to help their students apply decoding skills as they read texts and to improve their automaticity, comprehension, spelling, & writing.