The thought of a two day workshop may feel daunting....but it’s so worth it! It’s worth the time and the money. The whole art of teaching reading is gently and systematically demystified. I wish I had [Word Revelation] years ago. I’m using it with two teenage girls: ages 14 and 15. It is working. It’s easy-it’s straightforward- it’s effective. It’s a “pick up and go” program. Everything is included and it’s so clearly organized. It’s definitely user friendly and Caitlin is an outstanding teacher. You will not be disappointed!
— Amy K., Ann Arbor, MI
Excellent - clear, interesting presentation. Fabulous materials.
— Experienced elementary school teacher, Ypsilanti, MI, about Word Revelation
Great explanations for syllable patterns - many methods I’ve seen don’t simplify enough to make it approachable for young readers. Love the schwa explanation!
— Special education instructor at a public elementary school, mid-Michigan
Today, a student asked if he could bike over to my house tomorrow (Saturday!) to do Word Revelation!
— Title I instructor, Ypsilanti, MI
I wanted to give you the great news. [My daughter] just got her ACT results back. In her reading, she got a 25 [up from 19].... goes to show you how much it paid off to have you and [her] working together. I just can’t thank you enough... for all your help. It has definitely paid off. [My daughter] was pretty fired up.
— Parent of a high school senior
At Tuesday’s staff meeting, the teachers all mentioned how impressed they were with your presentation... I am so thankful for you.
— Staff member at a school in Michigan
If you are working with your own individual student or a class of struggling readers, I highly recommend this Word Revelation workshop! I’m using this system with my 14-year-old dyslexic and with my 21-year-old college student who has to put a lot of effort into reading. (Adaptable for ages 7 through adult.) This is the most concise approach that I’ve seen (and I’ve used a few good programs over the years.) The simplicity is beautiful!
— Christi W., Ann Arbor, MI
...today, the first words out of [my son’s] mouth... were, “Can we please, please do reading?!”
— A mother in Michigan
The other day [a 3rd-grade student] came in and... asked to do [Word Revelation] outside of school which we did. After Christmas he will come to my house on Fri and Saturdays in addition to the three half hour sessions at school!!
— -Suzanne T., Ypsilanti, MI
[My 16-year-old daughter]... just sent me a text, “I did my reading test today. I did sooo well I’m so excited. I was content and didn’t cry at all. I’ve never done so well.”
— Another mother in Michigan
Could we start every morning with this before school?
— Elementary school student in mid-Michigan, asking for daily reading tutoring
“My ll-year-old has had very poor academic skills, terrible test scores and lots of anxiety! We decided to bring her home this year and see how it goes! Today is only our second week of Word Revelation (we’re doing it together with her 7 year old sister who is an excellent reader but I wanted her to get the basics!) and we are in the middle of Bonus 2 - linking ladders. She suddenly looked up and asked if I had your address because she wants to send you a letter (this is her love language even though her spelling isn’t great!). After going through so many reading intervention programs (I tried many other things!) she is just amazed at how much sense this makes! I also am amazed at how easy this is and how clear it is! Truly the Holy Spirit anointed this work!!”
— Becky F., Ann Arbor, MI
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[My 6th-grade son] picked up a book and is reading for FUN!
— A mom in mid-Michigan
“When my coach asked me to read the prayer before the game, it was actually okay with me. I could do it and I wasn’t even that nervous.”
— A high school junior, partway through Word Revelation, Lansing, MI
In the Lord of the Rings, I can read the bigger words now without taking so long, and when I’m writing, I definitely don’t mind writing as much now, and I look for bigger words to put in my papers more.
— A high school freshman, Ypsilanti, MI