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Dive to Rise Materials


Practice Makes Permanent

The Dive to Rise materials emerged as ways of encouraging students to continue applying the skills they had learned in Word Revelation in a variety of texts, from online articles about their own interests to required texts for school to the (dreaded) passages in standardized tests.  This continued application, along with the explicit lessons about spelling patterns in English, lead to (potentially dramatic) improvements in students' spelling skills.


What Leads to Good Writing?

Reading, Reading, Reading with Good Reading Habits

(plus some strategic instruction)

The recommendations and materials in Dive to Rise help teachers and students dive deeper into comprehension:  they include truly simple frameworks to help students retain and retell storylines, notice details in both narrative and expository texts, take notes and eventually create summaries.

Finally, when this continued application of skilled reading habits and deeper comprehension skills are accompanied by some explicit writing strategy instruction in Dive to Rise, students are able to acquire organized, reliable approaches to planning compositions which they can use when they are required to or desire to write.

The ability to soar to new heights in their composition of written texts frees students to express themselves not only in required assignments but in whatever ways they desire in order to live out their dreams and advocate for causes they care about.

Dive to Rise materials are distributed at Dive to Rise workshops, which are given as a follow-up for previous participants in Word Revelation workshops.  If you would like to inquire about an adapted version of a Dive to Rise workshop, such as a Writing Across the Curriculum workshop, please contact us by email.